Art of Noise: In No Sense? Nonsense! 2LP

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180 gram audiophile vinyl 2LP / MOV 2019 EU

A1 Galleons Of Stone
A2 Dragnet
A3 Fin Du Temps
A4 How Rapid?
A5 Opus For Four
A6 Debut
A7 E.F.L.

B1 Ode To Don Jose
B2 A Day At The Races
B3 Counterpoint
B4 Roundabout 727
B5 Ransom On The Sand
B6 Roller 1
B7 Nothing Was Going To Stop Them Then, Anyway
B8 Crusoe
B9 One Earth

C1 Theatrical (E.F.L.)
C2 Racing
C3 Last Chance To Dance (Edit)
C4 Faberge 12 (Opus For Four)
C5 Exercise And Pool Montage

D1 Legacy (12” Mix)
D2 Dragnet ’88 (12” Mix)
D3 2 Many Thankyous
D4 One Earth (New Mexico Mix)