Berry, Chuck: 3 Album on 2LP

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DMM cutting vinyl LP / Vinyl Passion 2017 (1958-61)

Rockin’ At The Tops 1960
A1 Bye Bye Johnny 2:05
A2 Worried Life Blues 2:10
A3 Down The Road A Piece 2:14
A4 Confessin’ The Blues 2:08
A5 Too Pooped To Pop 2:25
A6 Mad Lad 2:20
A7 I Got To Find My Baby 2:14
A8 Betty Jean 2:30
A9 Childhood Sweetheart 2:35
A10 Broken Arrow 2:25
A11 Driftin’ Blues 2:18
A12 Let It Rock 2:28
One Dozen Berrys 1958
B1 Sweet Little Sixteen
B2 Blue Feeling
B3 La Jaunda
B4 Rockin’ At The Philharmonic
B5 Oh Baby Doll
B6 Guitar Boogie
B7 Reelin’ And Rockin’
B8 In-Go
B9 Rock And Roll Music
C1 How You’ve Changed
C2 Low Feeling
C3 It Don’t Take But A Few Minutes
New Juke Box Hits 1961
C4 I’m Talking About You
C5 Diploma For Two
C6 Thirteen Question Method
C7 Away From You
C8 Don’t You Lie To M
C9 The Way It Was Before
C10 Little Star
D1 Route 66
D2 Sweet Sixteen
D3 Run Around
D4 Stop And Listen
D5 Rip It Up
D6 The Downbound Train
D7 Brown Eyed Handsome Man
D8 You Can’t Catch Me
D9 Go Go Go
D10 Back In The U.S.A.