Black Sabbath: The Many Faces Of 2LP

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180 gram audiophile (Color) vinyl 2LP / Music Brokers 2019 FR

A1 Bobby Harrison Feat. Tony Iommi– King Of The Night
A2 Bedlam Feat. Cozy Powell– I Believe In You (Fire In My Body)
A3 Ian Gillan– Finally The Finale
A4 The Move Feat. Bev Bevan– Flowers In The Rain
A5 Quartz – Mainline Riders
B1 Vince Neil, George Lynch, Stu Hamm & Gregg Bissonnette – Paranoid
B2 Quartz Feat. Geoff Nicholls– Highway To Madness
B3 Chris Catena Feat. Glenn Hughes, Tony Franklin, Bruce Kulick– Freak Out Tonight
B4 Vinny Appice, Marko Pukkila, Rowan Robertson & Andy Endberg– And The Cradle Will Rock
B5 Brad Gillis, Mark Slaughter, Gary Moon , Eric Singer & Paul Taylor – Over The Mountain
The Songs
C1 Leaving Eden – War Pigs
C2 Fierce Atmospheres– After Forever
C3 Kingshifter– Hole In The Sky
C4 High Voltage – Into The Void
C5 Critical Solution– Iron Man
D1 Bugsy Parker– Children Of The Grave
D2 In His Blood– Electric Funeral
D3 Cornivus– Snowblind
D4 Through The Stone– Wicked World
D5 Stalwart – Under The Sun