Fulson, Lowell: The Blues Come Rollin’ In LP

4.190 Ft

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1 LP

A1 Have You Changed Your Mind 3:06
A2 Coming Home 2:23
A3 Can She (Do It) 1:47
A4 Trouble, Trouble 2:55
A5 I Still Love You Baby 2:34
A6 Blue Shadows 2:27
A7 Love Grows Cold 2:01
A8 So Many Tears 2:27
A9 K.C. Bound 2:18
B1 That’s All Right 2:40
B2 Why Don’t You Write me? 2:33
B3 The Blues Come Rollin’ In 2:57
B4 Reconsider Baby 3:11
B5 Tollin’ Bells 3:06
B6 Shed No Tears 2:12
B7 Do Me Right 2:55
B8 Trouble With The Blues 2:41
B9 Don’t Drive Me, Baby 2:39